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Life Coaching

Would it be alright with you if life got easier? If bringing your dreams into reality was a joy, not a chore or filled with drama, struggle and angst? Life coaching provides you with the tools and support to do just that. Together, as partners on your journey, we become clear about who you are, what's important to you, and what you want to do about it. We create powerful and enlivening goals and learn how to focus your energy to accomplish those goals with ease and fun!

On the way to bringing your goals into reality, we learn to see obstacles as opportunities, and become willing to examine our beliefs around money, our relationships, our work and our play.

Private coaching is over the phone, on a part-time (twice a month) or full-time (four times a month) basis. Sessions are 50-minutes in length.

Group coaching is open to current private clients or graduates of the The Energy of Money book study. Coaching group meets for two hours every other Wednesday evening at my office on Colebrook Road, outside of Middletown, PA.

I am trained and certified through the Academy for Coaching Excellence, based in Sacramento, CA, and credentialed by the International Coach Federation. As such, I follow and adhere to the Code of Ethics of both organizations. I treat my coaching practice and my clients with the utmost respect, and believe it is a privilege to be your coach.

Please contact me directly for rates and more information, and to schedule a free, introductory coaching session.

Leadership and Organizational Consulting

"I don't know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know:
the only ones among you who will be really happy are those
who will have sought and found how to serve."
~ Albert Schweitzer

One of my joys as a coach is in supporting leaders of organizations, and particularly non-profit organizations. I have a special place in my heart for these intrepid folks, who are usually both passionate about, and committed to, their cause - and sometimes under very demanding conditions.

Non-profit organizations operate under different rules and operating guidelines than for profit companies, and as such require what I call a "whole brained" approach to leading. Those of us who serve in these situations wear many hats, and are frequently required to switch those hats quickly and often! This demands a unique skill set, an entrepreneurial mindset, and the ability to be both organized and creative.

It's the ability to help develop this skill set that I bring to the leaders I support through both coaching and organizational consulting. Our coaching focuses on personal development, clarity of values, and how we see one another in the organization. The consulting focuses on creating systems and procedures that are efficient, compassionate and firmly focused on the core purpose and values of the business at hand.

This two-pronged approach is most effective when both board and staff embrace the process and the tools. This creates a powerfully coherent and effective organization, with both happy members and consumers.

If your organization is looking to go to the next level, let's talk about how our work together can support that intention!

Stephanie, with her unique

blend of wisdom, experience,

compassion, and joy has helped

me experience success in my business,

my personal life, and my spiritual life.

Her insightful questions allow me

to observe and then take action

that leads to my goals.

~ Mike Stott, ACE, ACC

Co-Founder of Your Coaching Matters

I reconnected with Stephanie Seigh upon her return to Central Pennsylvania in October of 2014. Since then, Stephanie has been a presenter at two of my Women of Intention gatherings, and her motivating, easy, and fun style made for great evenings.  I then hosted two different sessions of her The Energy of Money Book Study.  I witnessed 28 women being coached by her every other week for six weeks.   Graduates of those programs are now participating in a twice a month group coaching circle led by Stephanie.  The transformation of the woman in all the different groups was remarkable.  Stephanie has a way of supporting her students in a loving, no-nonsense style. The fact that she so walks her talk makes magic happen.  If you have any opportunity to work with her as a private client, as I am, or in a group, go for it!  If you are willing to put in time, effort and commitment, she will help you

to move mountains.

~ Vicki Fox, Founder, Women of Intention, New Cumberland, PA