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My Philosophy

Martin Luther King Jr. understood the importance of taking that first step. Lao Tzu taught his followers that a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Wisdom teachers, both ancient and modern, believed in the importance of taking small, sweet steps as the way to bring our dreams into reality, and our visions of a better world for us all to fruition.

In both my personal and professional life, I have seen and experienced the power of taking that first step, and the thousands of steps after that one... the power of what Jeff Olson calls "mastering the mundane."

So often in our lives, we have a wonderful idea that we get very excited about! We are fairly brimming with energy and enthusiasm and can't wait to share and create this wonderful vision. And then we get to work and reality hits. We start doubting ourselves, our abilities, our wonderful idea and we stop. We turn around and put that amazing "thing" - whatever it was - on the shelf, right next to all the other wonderful ideas we talked ourselves out of.

What we have forgotten in those moments of turning back is the power of the next step. My friend and master coach Dr. Maria Nemeth likes to say that we bring our ideas into reality with ease (what a concept!) by taking small, sweet steps, getting support and celebrating each step.

This practice, and the philosophy of faith behind it, is at the heart of my work and my life. I have faith in the tools we learn and use together. I have faith in our ability to bring our ideas into reality, by taking that first small sweet step. I have faith in our capacity to "wake up" and change our minds. And I have faith in my belief that we are all in this together, that the only way one of us succeeds is when we all succeed. I have faith in the power of partnership, in our capacity to learn and grow and evolve together.

Most importantly, I have faith in you... in your abilities, your dreams, your capacity to grow and bloom, and be the person you were born to be. I see you for the hero you are, a hero on an incredible journey. It is my  joy and my privilege to be on that journey with you... one small, sweet, wonderful, amazing step at a time.