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For more information on EHT, and how to become a "Brain Warrior", go to these links:

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I've recently been introduced to an organization, and their products, that I am very excited about! The focus of my work for the last decade has been to learn how our brains work, and how to work best with our brain.(For more on this, see the My Philosophy page under "About".) The coaching model I live and work in, as created by Dr. Maria Nemeth and taught at The Academy for Coaching Excellence, is based on both brain science and powerful spiritual principles. One of the aspects of this model that I so appreciate is its understanding of how we create beliefs and opinions, and how those beliefs impact how we show up in the world, and to a great extent, the level of our success.

To support that work, I am always looking for ways to increase my clarity, and my ability to "lift the fog" in my life. This isn't just important for me personally, but is my responsibility as both a coach and a human being sharing space with other human beings on the planet. I believe we all owe it to one another to see as clearly as we can where we are going, why that path is important to us, and what the obstacles are that can potentially get in our way.

To that end, I keep up on the latest research on the effects of gratitude and happiness on our well-being; on how our minds, bodies and spirits are inexorably linked; and the importance of nutrition and exercise to our bran health. I'm also discerning about the difference between "pop psychology" and studies supported by actual research and consistent anecdotal support. So, when I was introduced to EHT by a friend, I was cautiously optimistic about its potential. I did some background research, investigated the ingredients, and decided that there was nothing in here that could hurt me and it might help. 

Some personal background: As a post-menopausal professional woman frequently exposed to stress and a very busy schedule, I had noticed that my memory wasn't what it used to be. I found myself regularly trying to remember why I had walked into a room, and was searching for words.I was also starting to experience what could be described as mild aphasia (the inability to form words, even when you know what the word should be). Given that I make my living from talking, this was more than disconcerting!

So I decided to give EHT a try, again from the perspective of "this can't hurt and may help." The results have been nothing short of amazing. My memory is back, the "fog" in my brain has lifted, I no longer search for words and the "stutterinig" (how I described the aphasia) is gone. I'm also making connections that I haven't made in the past, and am reading and writing again, with enthusiasm! My creativity is soaring and my joy level is higher than it's been in years. 

The more I reaped the benefits of this supplement, the more interested I became in the organization promoting it. As I investigated Nerium - their culture, systems and products - I was more and more impressed. They are a values-led and driven company, whose philosophy of integrity, support and partnership to achieve their goals mirrors my own. These qualities led me to make the decision to become a member of their team, and I have happily and enthusiastically started promoting and selling these products. 

This decision is consistent with my commitment to brain health and supporting clarity in those I love and serve. In the words of Dr. Amen, I have become a Brain Warrior and a sheepdog for living a healthy and vibrant lifestyle! (To understand that reference, you'll have to watch his video - the link is in the box on the left - to the end.) If you have any questions about Nerium or EHT, I would love to talk with you about my experience with both. Please don't hesitate to contact me. I love sharing how great I'm feeling!